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> I've never written production code that talks to a DB nor have I ever written production code that issues an RPC or calls an external API. From the thread... That's me! (Certainly not as accomplished an engineer as Dan Luu, but similar antecedents --- nontraditional background, almost guaranteed to fail most software job interviews).


I've been really appreciating his writing recently (mostly his blog, but twitter too).

eggsyntax18:12:25 > I do know of two cases of "fake programmers being hired who literally couldn't program, but both were at prestigious companies that have among the most rigorous coding interviews done at tech companies. In one case, it was discovered pretty quickly that the person couldn't code and people went back to review security footage from the interview and realized that the person who interviewed wasn't the person who showed up to do the job. In the other, the person was able to sneak under the radar at Google for multiple years before someone realized that the person never actually wrote any code and tasks only got completed when they got someone else to do the task. The person who realized eventually scheduled a pair programming session, where they discovered that the person wasn't able to write a loop, didn't know the difference between = and ==, etc., despite being a "senior SWE" (L5/T5) at Google for years.