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Hi, one question, guys. I received a job offer from a company. It has a lot of perks (Relocation assistance consisting of a plane ticket allowance and up to 3 weeks of initial accommodation so that you have time to find a place of your liking. Medical insurance and social welfare, among others) But these perks are not in the contract (just the salary). Should perks be in the contract? I have no idea of these things


I would ask the company. Not much anyone here can do. It is a good worry to have I guess and just email them saying you didn’t see some discussed items in the contract.


I'm working on a company right now which contract is a normal regular one. But it's full of perks that are not on the contract


then it sounds like it might be standard procedure where you live. I’d still get confirmation of those things in writing. “Hi this looks great. I remember we chatted about relocation assistance and a few other things. Could you remind me of those details?” etc


But this is an offer in other country. It's not where I live , haha


It probably depends on the laws where you live too. My wife is leaving a job because the owner made a bunch of promises like “we’re a small shop so take as much time off as you need” but in the contract it stated she only had two weeks of time off. Guess which one he enforced?


Oh, I'm on the same situation on that part


And I'm worried about it too


I mean, I like working but sometimes I like taking a day off to rest and recharge batteries. Of course, I don't do that on critical moments for the company. But I'm worried that I can only have 15 days to relax on a year. What I thought is that sometimes contracts say one thing but in the practice it's different. But what if not? What if they stick to the contract? Haha, yes these are concerns


I didn't accept it at the end. There was a toxic hidden environment there. Micromanagment, etc. I accepted a better offer at the end with better conditions. Thanks, guys


Congratulations on finding a great job!


It can’t hurt to say to them, “Put all that in writing and we have a deal.” If they balk at that then you know what you’re really going to get.

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Sorry for my inocence, all of this perks are on the email and at the public job ad. But not in the contract. Do you see any red flag or should I relax then? I really want to start with a good relationship with them


I’d only see it as a red flag if they refused to put those things in the contract. You can say something like, “I just want to make sure I’m clear on the expectations of my job.”

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Ok, thanks again Darrell. This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your help


You’re welcome!


Good luck!


IMO, when things go bad, the only thing that matters is what the contract says. I would make sure that whatever perks you are promised are actually part of the contract. Especially, health insurance. Keep in mind that the salary is balanced by the perks. You may get no perks but higher salary, or many perks and a normalized salary. So, make sure the "complete" salary (salary and perks) is part of the contract.


Thanks, Ivan. I always anticipate things are gonna be good, no matter if there are things not included in the contract but you are very right. I try to believe their words if we're gonna work together, but you are right