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Any good sources of information how much can I quote for a remote Clojure contract for an US based company?


I know of: • Of course, you'd have to find similar positions. Haven't used those services in quite some time so can't really tell how hard that would be.


I don't think they have any contractor data, no?


My advice would be to start 'small' (European rates or whatever you're used to), perhaps with a little markup and work your way up from there. Feedback from your own experience with leads over the years will inform your approx. market value. If you have to bet everything on one card (i.e. your current lead), 1) too bad (we've all been there) 2) don't play your card first i.e don't reveal your expectation. This is a commonly shared piece although perhaps I would be a little less blunt than the wording used there.

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Ballpark figures here, but for experienced Clojure people in the SF Bay area I would consider $125/hr about right. From there, you can expect rates to be lower in other US markets. No matter where, though, $75/hr would be a minimum in my opinion. Of course a company will try to low ball you, especially as you're not local. I'm not a good person for advice on negotiating 🙂


I did quote them $1k per day and they accepted that quickly and without any pushback. Wheneven that happens I'm worried that I've quoted too low:slightly_smiling_face:


$1k is roughly £750 which is a good but achievable rate in the UK. I always thought US rates are much higher :thinking_face:


From their perspective it may be a good deal, but the same can be said for your point of view. The numbers I gave assume a position through a consultancy. I should have clarified that. The difference, then, is what the company pays overall. Typically if someone is making $125/hr the company is billed twice that. The service companies providing contractors make a lot of dough! But truth be told, I really have no idea how your rate stacks up when comparing actual apples to each other.


> This is a commonly shared piece As a 2nd recommendation of this even though it’s not 100% applicable to contract negotiation — I’ve read it 2-3 times and have benefited considerably from it. I didn’t reread it before my last salary negotiation — thought I was already good enough at it — and regretted that afterward…

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a lot of it depends on what you will have to pay in taxes & various fees where you work from


it will be very different depending on the country


if you do that all year you have to factor in a lot of little things (maybe paying an accountant once in a while, time-off is not paid, but you have to accomodate to get holidays, pension, etc), well, basically all the stuff a normal employer has to think about. + knowing that just all this juggling will itself take considerable time


@UA2R84M28 can I ask you some questions? I'm interested in starting doing something similar soon with Clojure. 1. What type of tasks you're going to do for this job? 2. How is your experience with Clojure? 3. Do you usually start projects from scratch or work on existing codebase? Thanks 🙂


I got eventually ghosted by the company ... Right after they said they're ready to sign the contract. Nevertheless I used that offer to negotiate up the offer from other company. It's Kotlin with Spring though 😕

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