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West16:10:33 I’m looking for my first job in software development. Since I don’t have a college degree I decided to create a portfolio, so that people can see what I’ve done practically. What should I add to this portfolio? Should I create another project? Should I extend one of my projects? Should I focus on something else?


Depends: are you looking for a junior role? In which case this is probably enough to prove you can code (which is more than 90% of applicants for most places)


Note that the source link on your death calendar project doesn’t exist, either fix or remove the whole section


I would add a brief summary and a small blurb on what you're looking for and what work environment would be a good fit. Expect a typical hiring manager to spend no more than 10 seconds on your site. You need to capture them at first glance. Answer these 2 questions immediately: who you are, why should I care.


@U24QP2D4J I’m definitely looking for a junior role. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link by the way. @U054P6SA8 I just reorganized my site so that this is the first thing people see. Thank you for the help guys!