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Tim Robinson12:03:16

Does anyone have any information or advice about freelance Clojure development work? I'd rather work on small-to-medium projects where I'm responsible for the whole solution rather than just working set hours as part of a bigger team. I notice that there are some freelance platforms about like FreeUp and Toptal but not sure if they deal with Clojure.

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Old account18:03:59

I worked as a freelance in Upwork and Freelance,com platforms. All projects are very different an you could find something you like there


@U01G37FGJ0Z Interesting to notice that @U051BLM8F works on TopTal (he is the CTO if I'm not wrong), and can answer if they do regular Clojure projects.

Tim Robinson14:03:03

Thanks both. I read an article about Clojure yesterday and I noticed it was published on TopTal. They seem to have a reputation for higher quality work than some of the others, but it's good to hear that people have been happy with Upwork and Freelance too.

Tim Robinson15:03:41

Another thing I would be interested to know is, say you go onto a freelance platform and there is a customer asking for a project to be done in Java and you say "I would like to do this in Clojure instead", the cost will be less. Would customers be amenable to that?

Old account15:03:54

It happened to me once, price wasn't even reduced. I guess this would be easiest to do for the projects where tech stack is not specified. Like someone needs say web crawler but does not specify the lang...


Nice @UU0EZB7M3. One thing that seems to be difficult at these platforms is the reputation building cycle that one needs to build before getting interesting projects.


Not Toptal, they do a sort of curation of clients and also devs, but Upwork and Freelance

Old account21:03:21

@U28A9C90Q Tim did not ask for very interesting projects. And if something seems difficult for someone it is not for other people.... It is definitelly possible to do and is worth trying


Thank you @UU0EZB7M3 good to know that you had a good history with such platforms. Sometimes I think about try again but just give up. I'll take in account your observations next time 😄

Tim Robinson12:03:52

Yes I had imagined freelance and upwork as the kind of place where someone wants a PHP web site hacked together for $50 :)


There definitely isn't a magic recipe for getting freelance clients... contracting seems a sensible path to get started, as it's a middle ground between being an employee and a really 'free' freelancer From time to time such offers are shared, sometimes very clearly and other it's simply the contract form chosen for a remote job opportunity


> @U01G37FGJ0Z Interesting to notice that @U051BLM8F works on TopTal (he is the CTO if I'm not wrong), and can answer if they do regular Clojure projects. Yeah, I do work at Toptal. (I'm not the CTO, though - VP of R&D actually, but close enough I guess 😄 ) I'm obviously a bit biased, but I do believe that we're a higher quality platform for freelance work than most alternatives. That being said I'm not sure how many clients have Clojure-based projects or are open to adopt Clojure for their projects. As my focus is on the development on our platform and related tools I don't keep a close eye on the business metrics. I'm thinking that many of the smaller clients that are just starting to build their product will probably be open to Clojure if someone pitches it to them the right way.

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Tim Robinson13:03:14

Thanks, I'm planning to register with them when I get time