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Hi guys. Knowing i have been a developper since my gfa basic and z80 assembly (in the 80s). Knowing I've never been officially of developper in a compagny. So my resume dont tell my developping level. What training could help me to validate (or not (;)) ) my level in clojure. I mean a training with a qualification recognized by you - the community of clojure developper ?


I don't think that exists. I think it would be useful, though.


Have you built any projects in Clojure?


Yes I did, but some "private" repos... The public repos I have are really scarce and simple projects, up to now. I have an open source project in mind, but the time it comes, it postpone my ability to change job. I had the idea to create a clojurescript personal website in reframe. I'm more a backend guy, but, still, it shows I don't have two left hands on frontends, minimal project configuration, ci/cd....


Those could make good resume material.

Daniel Hines20:03:27

Is it OK to post non-Clojure (but still functional) jobs in #jobs. I've gained so much from the Clojure community - even if I can't offer work in the language I'd still love to work with more Clojurians.


The channel description explicitly states that it's only for Clojure and ClojureScript-related jobs.