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Hey y’all, I just wanted to share that I’m getting pretty close to releasing a complete overhaul of A while back I started thinking about what the best possible Clojure job board would look like, and the main idea I kept coming back to is that it would have every single Clojure job listing. I think such a job board would benefit everyone in the community: beyond making it easier for companies and developers to find each other, it would also definitively show people considering learning Clojure that, yes, there are a lot of opportunties to get paid using the language. To accomplish the goal of listing every open position, I’ve put a lot of work into removing barriers to posting. Most significantly I’m moving from a pay-per-listing model to a freemium model: anyone can post an ad for free. I’m hopeful that this will have a positive impact, and nervous about launching soon 😬 Anyway, just wanted to share because I’ve been working on this for some time now and I’m finally I’m soooo close to getting this out the door 😄 here are a couple screenshots:

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Exciting news! Does this mean you're moving to something like crowd sourced job listings, where anyone can add/update listings, even though they don't "own" it? Or is the idea to still have a single user own and be responsible for each listing?


It'll be a company-centric model, where companies own listings and multiple users can be associated with a company. My initial approach will be to only allow companies to publish their own listings; it's important to me that it be opt-in. At the same time I'm hoping to make it very very easy for companies to share their listings.

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I’d also love to hear any thoughts on what would be useful to folks. Hope it’s ok to share this here 🙈

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