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Hi everyone Can you please offer some advice for my resume I’m applying for Software Engineer jobs Here’s the resume


Hi! Thanks for sharing. It's super interesting for me to see how other people write their résumé, since I'm also continuously working on my own. One comment on spelling: You wrote "Acquincum", but the name seems to be spelled without the 'c' after the initial 'A': "Aquincum Institute of Technology" (


Just a question... how did you measure all this "improved X by Y%"? IIUC this means that whenever you have started a job you've (or sb else) measured X to know the initial value. If this is true, then I'm impressed by how that was actually possible! I've been working in quite a few companies and in all of them just gathering the data to do the measurment would be incredible achievment.


In some cases we’re referring to naive vs optimized implementations


or sometimes changing the programming language results in a huge improvement


Anyways, AFAIK it's very desirable to read about the impact a candidate had in previous projects.


@U01F1TM2FD5 I’m sure you must realize this, but your name & contact info are missing.