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You'll find that in several US states, "at-will" employment is state law so companies won't/can't add such a clause.


i imagine states can contractually obligate themselves to this. its just a promise to behave in a certain way that is not contrary to law. that said, i don't see why any company would do this. i also have never run into this issue ever.

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Well, California and NYC are employment-at-will… unless in certain cases, like public sector

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of course, no company would voluntarily agree to it

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because they could claw back your stock, even after a discharge, without cause

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RSUs can be clawed back… depending on the employment contract

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I think Professor Wolf has a point… it’s time for co-ops… that’s the future

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think about it… all of us… mostly have futurist ideas… but we are stuck in this old industrial system

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All states but Montana are I believe

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we need a Guild

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that promotes standards on fair contracts, for employment, legal, startups and consultants

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we have standards for everything else… but not on employment

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tech is really behind the other industries… we read and study as much as most doctors… but no standards


You should check out Tech Workers' Coalition! They're fighting for a lot of the protections you describe.

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Kickstarter also unionized earlier this year, becoming the first major software company to do so:

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