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A standing desk is beyond my means for now. But will try when I can.


When I was building my home office, I didn’t buy any chair. I use exercise ball instead (I am 185 cm and I bought 85cm and backup 90cm deflated under the table - so definitely larger than recommended sizes). I sit only when I have to. I try to do meetings walking using my phone and do some 20,000 steps per day. I like this combination and cannot imagine sitting in front of the computer in the chair for whole day anymore.

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A nice chair makes huge difference


I am sitting on such a ball, and it's better than most chairs, but it's not like it's not a huge conscious effort to maintain proper posture, at least without sports background


should be training the back muscles, doesn’t it?


it does somewhat. Got a sore back for a few days after started using it.


I’ve recently heard of active chairs, planning to investigate a bit more

Cris B20:08:19

I much prefer to code on horseback, or occasionally up a tree.


in's better for your back :thumbsup: 🚀


Doesn't RH advocate for Hammock Driven Development? Who are we to question such wise words.

Cris B22:08:18

A hammock in space. Sounds good to me! (especially given how things are looking down here on Earth).

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