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I've had a complicated time finding references for that reason - it's quite common for people to ask for job -2 which could have been 5 years ago or something... even if you are still in touch with people (i am) and on good terms (i am) it's a bit weird to have to ask for a reference


super weirdly atm I'm working outside of ir35 (i.e. literally as a bodyshop company where I could supply One Engineer in my place and still fulfil the contract) and I got asked to provide a reference...


Yea I don't agree with the references thing, it would have to be an extremely attractive place for me to bother with that


I wonder what it'd be like if companies had to give reverse references. Meaning you got to talk to a former employee and ask them about the experience

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@scriptor I guess GlassDoor is something along those lines 🙂

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it should be a p2p thing though, since any company sitting on it will have immediate conflicting interest... what are glassdoor's own ratings?

seancorfield18:06:48 -- seems like they've allowed a lot of 1-star ratings to stand


Lots (and lots) of "Disapprove of CEO" comments... 👀


As bigger the corporation, I find glassdoor more unreliable. There are several companies inside a big company. I think a p2p like @ashnur said would be interesting