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Kari Marttila17:05:07

I started at Metosin, a small but vibrant Clojure shop in Finland, and wrote a blog post regarding my first weeks at Metosin. If you are interested how it feels like starting to work at a small Clojure shop after a long corporate career here is the link to the blog:

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Interesting read. Thank you for sharing

Kari Marttila19:05:34

Thanks! I really have enjoyed working at Metosin. After my corporate career a small Clojure shop is really something different.


Great article @U76D9RZRR!! Here at work I always say to people "follow whatever metosin is doing to learn a new perspective". Seems like a very welcome environment to creative work, for me represents a big chunk of Clojure community values. Congrats!

Kari Marttila06:05:45

Thanks! Since Metosin is a well-known Clojure shop I thought clojurians here might be interested to read about the company culture.