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My personal advice: don’t position yourself as a junior. There’s no such thing as “junior Clojure dev”. Tell the truth - you’re excited about Clojure and really want to write Clojure at your full-time job.

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With the caveat: I’ve been considered a “senior” or better for like nine years now, I took a small pay cut to go from Scala+JavaScript to go to Clojure/Script, And four years and two jobs later took a good pay increase to go to golang+JavaScript, in a much better work environment


Choosing jobs based on tech stacks hasn’t worked out for me


That said, I feel my time working in Clojure was well-spent


with Clojure jobs it's more difficult to find something that ticks all the boxes of course, since they are much more rare


it's still worth to switch though imho, even if it will be a lot harder to go back to anything else after