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Can Upwork or similar service solve the issue with hiring someone outside US/UK?


We have entities in some countries (main one The Netherlands) and then all remote workers are self employed contractors on yearly contracts. To be honest I’m not sure about pro / cons but setting up legal entities everywhere sounds like a nightmare to me


My point is using some platform, where you just have relationships with a platform and hiring approach will be the same regardless of worker’s country. May this approach work for US/UK?


a couple Spanish engineers from another Slack say they work for the US/etc via these


This was recommended a lot to hashicorp. I think the reason hashicorp can't use these services is due to the fact they want to hand out stocks.


Contract staff aren't covered by any benefits from the company either -- and having fewer FTEs means the company can't negotiate benefits effectively. Small companies (in terms of employees) have a much harder time dealing with insurance, so it's better for the company to hire directly instead of using contract companies.


I suppose the businesses you actually work for can provide benefits.


In theory. Those body shop style places often don't because they mostly want contract staff rather than employees (they're sort of the opposite of the company you'd ultimately be working for) 🙂


I'm not sure how the relationship works for companies where someone comes to you, and then you use them as a middleman.


I suspect you're right, but it's hard to know 🙂