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Eric Ervin19:05:39

Recently told someone that I had a 4 hour job interview. They asked, "for what? Tenure?" Nope. That was 4 of the 6 hours of my life lost applying to be a JUNIOR Data Engineer.


that's brutal

Eric Ervin19:05:01

Maybe only 3 hours of actively talking about teamwork. There was a 30 minute break when I enjoyed a free soda.

Eric Ervin19:05:14

I thought I came through it fairly well. Then when I got home, I pulled out my subway card to open my front door.


I once was invited for interviews 3 times. And it was basically almost the same thing but for different people. After my 3rd (successful) interview I met a guy in the elevator and he told me that he has done six interviews and then got accepted. It is not six interviews on the same day. He had to commute there to the office six times. He sacrificed six days of his life to work there. He loved his job. He described it as the best company he could think of. When they called me to invite for the “final” round I said: “something come up, unfortunately I’m gonna have to move to another state for a while”.

Eric Ervin19:05:30

My big opinion right now is that people should be given something for their time. Comp me for a subway pass and a Subway sandwich for the afternoon. I can't imagine taking away hours of another person's life for nothing.


Why? Corporations have close to zero incentive to care about potential candidates. Talent is rare, but jobs are too. There’s too many people

Eric Ervin19:05:46

I'm trying to think about humans acting decently to each other. Trying to stop this train of thought before I go into thinking like a corporation. What was crazy (maybe not) was this was an education nonprofit that went into a lot of babble about their ethics. Probably a con.


I agree. People always have to be respectful and compassionate towards each other. I forgot how it is done in the rest of the world, been living in the states for the past 10 years. Something fundamentally wrong with this country on so many levels. Companies use big slogans, keep telling in the media how diversity and inclusiveness matter to them, feed their employees with lies like “we’re a family” and then get rid of them, dispose them like used paper plates.


Nobody cares about anyone anymore.


And most of the time it doesn’t even matter if you are talented or just an ordinary grunt.

Eric Ervin20:05:42

Typing in this thread has been therapeutic.


On the bright side: some of us are lucky to get to work with non-mainstream tech. Somehow companies employing Clojure/Haskell/OCaml devs do tend to care more about their engineers and they value them more and sometimes even listen to their opinions.


I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, or if it’s because I’ve mostly avoided large companies. but I’ve had much better experiences with employers. in case it’s the latter, I recommend avoiding big corps and joining companies with less than 50 people if you want to have more impact on company direction


am also in the :flag-us:

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