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@stevenpkent to respond to your question my way of getting first clojure job - basically junior position was 1. had good hang of the clojure, it's philosophy i listened to the talks 2. realized the language clj was too advanced so i had to go through SICP to fully appreciate things (still have to finish that book) 3. felt more comfortable with clojure spent many many hours on sites like codewars, 4clojure, reading book living clojure.... • note i am still in collage so i noticed my Java skills going through the roof after i completed bigger project so then i decided to 4. make full stack clojure app by following web development 2nd edition which can be found 5. it took me 1 month to finish it, was frustrated many times but in the end it was 'done' 6. during all this i was asking for clojure jobs/internships and after i completed by app it happened 7. started remote internship for some danish company, wasn't very fruitful, it was done for free so there was not a lot of attention paid to me, i didn't find myself very productive there 8. after that was done person from community (which we were in contact for about 6m+) contacted me saying that they need help on their new job and that i showed progress over that time and that they think i could contribute and that is how i got first real job after 1y8m of learning clojure tl;dr - love what u do, build stuff, someone will notice, be persistent, learn, ...(magic)..., got job

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steven kent19:08:42

I found Living Clojure to be an excellent first book to read

Josh Horwitz03:08:01

Thanks @U45SLGVHV. By the way, is that book good? I’m a fat guy desperately trying to change my life.


which one? I mentioned 3

Josh Horwitz13:08:11

lol, sorry about that @U45SLGVHV, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy


that book changed my life 😄 if u are expecting all answers from book - you won't get it but what you will get is this sense of responsibility and attention food chapter will open your eyes regarding food you will make better choices right away move chapter will help u use elements of yoga, gym equipment to get sense of your body for the first time in years there is a lot more in there and there is a lot to learn after that (if you are willing) i really highly highly recommended it

Josh Horwitz14:08:17

Ok, I”m going to get it, I really need to change


I can also respond to @stevenpkent question. 1. worked for a startup need a full rewrite of their product. It was first in PHP, then switched to node. We were two at that time. We decided to switch to Clojure because I was familiar with Haskell and we heard lot of good things about it. We started by making a few POC in about 2/3 weeks, then we were as productive in Clojure as we were in JS. From there we created a full project in clojure/clojurescript. As compared to what we had before it was a huge win in quality and productivity (compare to node.js/AngularJS) we used compojure-api + re-agent. So we gathered that experience in real time data processing + frontend work. We recruted 3 people with no prior Clojure knowledge that are now Clojure-fluent. 3 of US work for the same full-clojure full-remote team. I think we should recruit people in a close future. Not necessarily senior dev. I think your best bet is to have a few github repositories and/or product written in clojure you can show to demonstrate you are already able to be productive.

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steven kent19:08:21

I find the recruiting of people with no prior Clojure knowledge aspect interesting, but I am not seeing much of that in the job postings I have been looking at.


or if you are lucky like us, be able to work for a team that will allow you to experiment Clojure