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This should be a boon to fellow job hunters: a browser for Ask HN: Who’s Hiring: That was written in JS and between RFEs I am porting to Matrix CLJS and then re-frame.


hiskennyness: very cool -- thanks! a quick spot check suggests there are more jobs in the HN listing matching "remote" and "clojure" than i can find in the app results. is it perhaps an old scrape, or should i log a github issue, or?


Lemme check. Was “clojure” your exact regex? And in title or (full) listing regex? And what count did you get? Btw, sure, maybe answer in a GitHub issue, I would like to see how that works. (PivotalTracker geek here.) Oh, I meant to say, try “clojure,i” without the quotes to get case-insensitive search.


beware of notifying the whole group! threads (like this one) are more apt for pings


hiskennyness: clojure,i produces the expected response. happy to create a github issue describing how i missed the case-insensitive-regex hint. :)


Great, let’s get me trained up on GitHub issues. 🙂 But I just added that case hint, so do not feel too bad! I think if I add the classic “match” options like case, word, and even to make regex optional that will alert folks who do not open the help.


weighty github issue lodged!


Thx! Almost done. Tossing in a couple other enhancements with this release. ps. Did not know about the KBD tag. Sweet.