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Hi guys, quick question, how does two back-to-back 8-months long job looks into a CV? Is it bad? Reason for not staying more than 8 months is because I moved countries, which I imagine could make it worse look worse.


@dromar56 If you're anxious about it just add a note "<moved countries>" between the rows.


someone will ask why you moved, have a fun anecdote ready, win-win.

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^^ I’d say it would be a discussion point in the interview


What @dottedmag said. In general. Just explain stuff. It’s going to surface some time or another. Just be frank about it.


i feel like most people dont really care about that stuff…. i had a period where i bounced around jobs quite a bit and never had any issues about it, just left it as-is on my resume.


i guess there are people out there who do, but the reality of the tech industry is that you kinda have to change jobs a lot in the beginning to get anywhere salary-wise


otherwise companies will screw you with the inflation-raise nonsense


besides companies don’t really have any particular loyalty to employees in general (there are of course exceptions) so I don’t really see why people should feel bad about changing jobs relatively frequently at different points in their careers.


Thanks for the answers, I'll hop countries to my heart's content then 🙂

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I had 4 jobs in the past 6 jears, laat time I went looking there was ons occasion where they discussed the amount of employers. But if there is a clear reason it makes little difference.


> Thanks for the answers, I’ll hop countries to my heart’s content then : Yeah go for it. Losing a good employee sucks but the people who whine about it like it’s the worst thing in the world and then punish others down the line for it need to get over themselves.

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yeah, and even then the general practice is to give ~2 weeks notice if you're leaving


but it's fairly common to terminate someone with 0 notice


although in a lot of places (not the US of course) the company is required to give severance if the termination isn’t for cause.


so i dunno that kinda makes it similar, i guess.


well, I've seen severance for termination with cause too


but I think there's extra conditions that the one who's fired has to agree to


like non-disparagement


yeah sometimes the company holds the severance hostage like that


i guess that’s more of a US thing though because I’m sure that would be illegal in situations where the company is required to give severance


definitely. At least in the US if there's a layoff and the company is over a certain size they're obligated to provide severance


for example, the engineers who got let go from Soundcloud got a fairly decent package


they could, i suppose, use additional severance over the minimum as a carrot.


yeah i think it’s over 50 employees or something they’re required to give 2 months (at least in california)


maybe it’s 30, I don’t recall now.


50 sounds right