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Drew Verlee02:02:43

Would it help to have a job-searching slack channel on clojurians? Iā€™m guessing no. I suspect most clojure related jobs are posted in 4-5 places and hard to miss.


@drewverlee Not sure what you're suggesting? We have #jobs and #remote-jobs (and several location-specific jobs channels too).

Drew Verlee13:02:22

A channel where people could post that there looking for a clojure job. I guess right now that would go in #jobs


Yeah, we discussed it in #jobs-discuss at one point and decided to allow folks to post that they were looking for work in the #jobs channel -- until it gets too noisy in their.


one little annoyance in #jobs is that many postings will be followed by "can it be remote?". or even when specified that the job can be remote, someone will ask "can it be performed from outside <USA/UK>?", "do you sponsor?" etc perhaps the channel description can try preventing this? cc/ @seancorfield


I doubt we can train recruiters to provide all that information in every job post first time around so it's no surprise that these questions crop up. We could try to train Clojure devs to not ask those questions in the channel, perhaps DM'ing the recruiter, or using threads. The former is likely to cause dozens of repeated questions to the recruiter because all those other devs will still want to know the answer šŸ™‚ The latter may or may not help -- training people to use threads is hard and some folks still find the chatter from threads annoying.


Given how relatively low traffic the #jobs (and #remote-jobs ) channels are, I think efforts to train folks might end up being more annoying than the questions themselves šŸ™‚


thanks for the reply! I see what you mean - no point in getting pedantic either but, perhaps an (admittedly non-exhaustive) channel topic can kill the 'usual suspects'. Something like:

Clojure(Script)-related job offers (please specify upfront about remote working, location-boundness, sponsorship) and job seekers. Discuss at #jobs-discuss! Also there's #remote-jobs


Topic and Channel Details updated (I think anyone could do that, not just admins).


#remote-jobs already seems to ask for that information but feel free to update it (or the Channel Details there) if you have better wording.


thanks Sean, appreciated āœŒļø


Alternatively you could train slackbot to do the training šŸ¤· and scold recruiters who don't include REMOTE or ONSITE keywords