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I could swear I never signed up with CyberCoders, yet I get spam from them about jobs. I just signed on and I saw that they had a bunch of information about me that I know I never gave them, that presumably they harvested from somewhere (github maybe?). Has anyone else had this experience with them?


i mark them as spam in gmail simple_smile if they dont have a unsubscribe link


see, I’m even paranoid about the unsubscribe link


since it can be confirmation of a valid address in some cases, for the spammer


yea I never hit unsubscribe either, because of that


Back when I worked at On-Site, we sometimes received resumes from CyberCoders, and I’ve never been impressed with any that came our way. That was enough for me to decide to never do anything with them.


as it so happens, the listing they sent me was kind of hilarious—red flags include looking for a “Rockstar” as well as being chock full of typos (“Enginer,” “Engineerin”…):


CyberCoders used to be better, but they mostly seem to scrape resume info from LinkedIn and Github now. They have me on there too, even though I've unsubscribed several times.


hmm, as I suspected, it’s not just me...