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How often do remote devs visit the office?


I'm advising people who want Clojure devs to create internal tools. One problem is they seem more comfortable with face-to-face meetings.


(Personally, I'd guess they'd be perfectly fine with an in-person kickoff meeting at the start of a project, and then at some sparse intervals; otherwise skype or something.)


But I don't know what "sparse interval" means. Monthly? Would someone in the region be ok with bi-weekly?


@tjg This depends on so many things, at least for me. My priority is mainly commute time. I am fine with everything I can reach with my bike on a daily base. Other than that depends on the money. Ideally commute with train counts as work time (working with laptop). Other than that I avoid everything by car, as rush hours stress me very much and I consider it a waste of time in every regard. I can only repeat myself, in these days there are not much reasons to have to commute as a software developer. It's mainly a waste of money and just causes more pollution.


@tjg: Once a year, for me. But it involves 7h flight and 1h drive.


@tjg: I’m about 3.5 - 4 hours from my office, and I visit probably about once every four months. Every now and then more, but that’s mainly because I have family / friends in that city.


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