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Lukas Domagala01:12:28

I’m trying to get orchard’s find deps, or more specifically fn-deps to also work on lambdas. issue here: The problem is that there seems to be no easy way to find all classes on the classpath and even if you do manage to do it, anything that get’s created at runtime won’t be there, at least with tools like classgraph. while digging in the clojure compiler produced jvm class files i noticed that theres actually everything needed in the bytecode already. So now I’m trying to get at the runtime generated bytecode, but there seem’s to be no way to do that, other than to overwrite the classloader and save the bytecode for later use. The other option might be using the java instrumentation api, but I think that’s not feasible from inside orchard, but might be an option for nrepl itself. Does anyone have any experience with any of this?