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Daniel Craig06:06:20

Hi, does anyone know of a good leinengen template that generates a Java class? I want to create a class that I can import in a Java project


Why would you use Leiningen to create a Java class?

Daniel Craig13:06:43

I’d like to use leiningen to create a project that produces compiled Java classes easily so that I can understand AOT better and so that I can see an example of modern best practices around AOT etc

Daniel Craig13:06:58

Sorry for being vague


@danielmartincraig So you want to create a Clojure project that is using :gen-class to produce Java classes? (sorry but this just seems like a strange expectation)

Daniel Craig13:06:18

I would like to call Clojure from Java. I guess that’s not very commonly done?

Daniel Craig13:06:58

I was just hoping there was a modern example of how to do this in the modern landscape of Clojure tools


if you're building for Java consumption, my strong recommendation is to write the interface you want in Java (using only Java interfaces)


I guess I’m just not sure why you think there would be a Leiningen template for this…


that way you get the types you want, and the docstrings you want, etc


then implement those interfaces mostly in Clojure and use a small bit of the Clojure Java API to bootstrap

Daniel Craig13:06:24

Ok thanks for the great help!