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(somewhat crossposted from #lein-figwheel) : I have a new job where they don't think it's crazy if I use Clojure, and I am psyched. I want to do a thing that sounds complicated but maybe isn't? I'm doing QA on a new app with a Java back end and an AngularJS front end. It's pretty big --- not enterprise/legacy big but bigger than projects I've made for sure. I want to get some visibility into what is happening, so I want to open and connect to a repl. I think this means I need to find the file closest to the root of our app, and figure out how to add a little bit of code that runs the clojure repl function? If anyone has done this crazy thing I would love to hear how it went and get advice on how to start


@mathpunk Yes, the simplest would be to add Clojure as a dependency, and just have code that uses to ensure Clojure is loaded, then add -Dclojure.server.repl=... to the Java app's startup options and -- voila! -- you'll have a bare bones Socket REPL running inside your Java app.


(importing that class may be sufficient to cause Clojure to load and start a Socket REPL -- I'm not certain)