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Daniel Stephens13:04:37

@cddr For PRs, when I update the CHANGELOG am I meant to add a new section, or is the top section the current one?

Darin Douglass13:04:11

when i put my pr up there was an ## unreleased section, but that was removed in a recent release i think. i just added it back in ¯\(ツ)

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that's my fault I think :/ there was a unreleased section before my last PR went through


it was my first PR against jackdaw so I'm not surprised I got the protocols wrong, I'll be more careful next time

Daniel Stephens22:04:28

Not sure it matters too much, I've added it back in my PR but I have other issues anyway so it might not merge for a bit!

Darin Douglass23:04:24

Is it just merge when the code coverage has passed? I’m still waiting a review (it’s been a few weeks). Is there someone I need to @?

Daniel Stephens09:04:15

I think cddr (same name on github) is the main person on the project, though he's usually quite active here as well so perhaps is on holiday, or maintains this as part of work which may be on hold with the pandemic 🤷


it's an internal project, and some of us are extremely busy with radical changes brought on by interventions with the economy caused by the pandemic

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Darin Douglass12:04:14

I figured as much. I just wanted to make sure my ignorance wasn’t blocking anything. No rush!