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Daniel Truemper05:09:20

Hey @viju and @cddr. Is there anything you need from me to merge I would like to get this to production in my project sooner rather than later. Cyber Week is on the horizon 😳


Sorry for the delay on my end. Looks good!

Daniel Truemper19:09:09

no worries, just wanted to offer help if anything is left to be done...

Daniel Truemper19:09:45

Thanks for merging! An official release would be nice but I guess I can at least start testing on my end 🙂


We'll get a release out soon. In the meantime I think there should be a snapshot build in clojars with the latest from master

Daniel Truemper07:09:28

@cddr ah cool! We will start to test it next week then

Daniel Truemper12:10:38

@cddr FYI: the snapshot build failed to be published for some reason


Ah sorry Daniel. I’ll try to manually push today if I get a chance.