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I got basic auth working with jackdaw but had to create my own registry client like so

(defn cached-schema-registry-cli []
  (let [restService (RestService. "")]
    (CachedSchemaRegistryClient. restService 10 (doto (new java.util.HashMap) (.put "basic.auth.credentials.source" "URL")))))

(def serde-resolver
  (partial resolver/serde-resolver :schema-registry-url "" :schema-registry-client (cached-schema-registry-cli)))
I'm not sure if its how jackdaw creates its default client or not but I couldn't find a way to set or get it to pick up the piece of config to tell it to extract the basic auth creds from the URL


Ah interesting. Looks like this class has seen a few changes since I last looked at it. Might be a few features missing as a result. Nice job finding a work-around. If you have time, please do create an issue and mention the work-around.