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Tyler DiBartolo19:02:54

Hey all! I'm an established engineer (~5 yr. experience across backend, mobile, and data engineering, pre-sales consulting, and product management) having done some startups in addition to enterprise. I'm currently doing backend and supply chain work in Java and Python at a Fortune 500, and frankly... I'm bored and underutilized and ready to ready to take a pay cut and go back to being a junior developer somewhere and learn some new stacks and engineering paradigms. crying-laughing-joy-blood I've been playing with Clojure for a few years on and off and am ready to get my hands dirty. If anyone has any contracts / startups / OSS they're working on and would be down to have me shadow / contribute (either for free or for super-low rates) please DM me! I've got a capacity for 2-4 hours per day.

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