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Zachary Hanham04:08:21

Hi all, I'm Zach, currently a CS student. I've always jumped around learning things about different languages. I started in python/C#/javascript, and while they were good for learning about the idea of programming - there was something off about making projects with them. I discovered functional programming with Scala, but the ungodly amounts of syntax and theory made things very difficult for me, even though I loved the idea of functional programming. So I went on to learning about F# OCaml and Haskell. While the syntax of those languages are a lot easier to digest I still found myself spending way too much time trying to figure the PERFECT type hierarchy for whatever it was I was working on - big or small. This crippling feeling of "if I don't correctly represent my system with types now, in such a way that can be easily extended if requirements change, then I can't start building it" was ever present. Then I learned about clojure, and at first I thought that it was just stupid to be dynamic - after all there're so many problems that static types solve so why "regress" to dynamic? Well after using clojure a bit and learning it's idioms I have to say that it eliminated that need to perfect the types. It is sooo nice to be able to write a program in such a way that I know it can be easily extended. Anyways all that to say I really enjoy clojure so far and I hope to be around for a while. :D

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