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Dave Graves15:06:17

Hi all, I'm Dave. I work as an engineering director at New Relic. I’ve dabbled with clojure here and there over the past few years and I've recently started a couple of small side projects, one for playing with data visualization, another for generating some quick guitar practice routines. I'm using VSCode + calva.

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Welcome! We use New Relic very heavily at work and use the telemetry library a lot from Clojure. We've also done some custom Trace stuff in the past (I blogged about that, ages ago on but we no longer use that code).



Dave Graves16:06:21

Calva is magical, I especially enjoyed the tutorial that came with it. awesome I tried out LightTable a few years ago and Calva is the first tool since then that I absolutely love. Thanks Pez!


You are entirely welcome, @U03LT7P745A! Really nice to hear that Calva treats you well.


Considering that New Relic supports OpenTelemetry, you may like to check out my project

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