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Osheen Najar11:05:36

Hello guys and gals. I'm Osheen. A have a question following my quick story. My international sales company was acquired in 2017. I was the sole developer using LAMP. I developed the front end e-commerce side and back-end CRM, CMS, vendor portal, etc… including the design, Jquery, JS, etc. it was quite a large site that I continuously redeveloped. Question: it's been 5 years since I've coded. I've decided to restart my career in development. I want to focus on Clojure and React. I'm no stranger to coding but I'm basically starting fresh again. My concern is the viability of acquiring a position in 6-12 months if I really get up to speed with programming in Clojure. My perceived fears… I'm 47, I’m not in the top 60% of great coders. Looking for feedback so I can ascertain if this is the right path for me. I do find coding rewarding and Clojure is just so damn cool. Also, I realize there are a lot of moving factors to consider (job market, my learning curve, etc) and so I'm not expecting a straight answer. Any feedback would be really really appreciated. And apologizes if this is in the wrong section.

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Hi there @U03H4SJM92L! Super interesting question. I think you will do just great if you go this path. I'm offering myself as anecdotal ”evidence”. I was 51 when I made a very similar move. Went back to coding after a quite long detour into product management. Clojure and ClojureScript. I'm not some super dev/programmer. From my perspective there seems to be a high demand for Clojure coders with seniority, even if the experience with Clojure as such might be limited.

Osheen Najar13:05:56

Hi @U0ETXRFEW! Really appreciate your response. This helps. I'm looking to get a better idea of this space in regards to Clojure. How long have you been learning Clojure and have you found a position with it? Thanks again!


I started dabbling a bit with Clojure 2017-ish, while I was still a PO. Fall 2019 I decided I wanted to switch careers, and got some great help from my #exercism mentors to get a better grip on the language. Apr 2020 I started my first job as a ClojureScript dev. I'm a contractor today, so far being able to be picky about that my assignments should be Clojure/ClojureScript. All that said, I have also had some amazing luck. I released #calva in the spring 2018, and it has picked up a lot of user and mind share. That sure helps when applying for a job.

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