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Gwang-Jin Kim11:04:08

Hello everyone, I am a Bioinformatician who used mostly R and Python at work. In my spare time I learned Common Lisp and a little Racket/Scheme. R's underlying is actually Scheme - though R is even a Lisp2. In its source code you see SEXPRs - they moved to C++ but kept structures from their beginnings in Scheme. Lisp taught me a lot about R and to think about scope and evaluation - since one can control it. And through Lisp I came to FP - and learned also about OOP. Clojure fascinates me with its more strict FP concepts and the way it applies/circumvents/avoid OOP. As a self-learned programmer I have big gaps in certain areas of programming. I am looking for allies here.

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Nick McAvoy13:04:24

Welcome! Where do you live?


Hello everyone. I'm from Montenegro Europe. My current job position is .NET C# Software Developer. I want to learn a bit about Clojure and F# in order to choose one of them and then learn it well. At Faculty in 2008 I learned Java language and a little bit of Clojure in 2012. In late 2013 I decided to move forward with .NET and C#. I got certified Windows app developer in 2014. I enjoy in learning new tools, technics, languages. It make's me satisfied. I have some front-end knowledge doing things in JS, TS, React, TailwindCSS, ActionScript 3.0..... If you fond yourself interested in knowing me better, I will be glad to respond and exchange knowledge.

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Stef Coetzee11:04:30

Hey Borko, I'm also new to Clojure. Good luck! 🙌 I can recommend @U0AQ1R7FG's "Clojure for the Brave and True", as well as @U9H7B8P7X's "Getting Clojure". Both have you coding along, which—to me—is the best way to gain confidence with unfamiliar languages. 😁