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Shuky Badeer17:02:16

Hi everyone! I’m Shuky, an aspiring clojurist with minimal knowledge in clojure. I come from a Javascript/php/C++ background so the idea of functional programming is slowly sinking in. I’m learning Clojure as a part of a new job I’m starting these days. I hear that despite the Clojure community being relatively small, it has amazing members so I’m super excited to be a part of it! I’d appreciate any advice regarding tips and resources that make things as smooth as possible cuz I’m still kinda in the overwhelming initial stage. Cheers!

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Welcome! You'll find the #beginners channel a great resource to ask any questions you have -- a lot of experienced Clojure developers have opted into that channel to spend time helping new folks and explaining issues in great detail. Coming up to speed on functional thinking and, in particular, Clojure's immutability can take a while, coming from imperative languages -- but don't be discouraged: we've all been through that journey!

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