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Jungwoo Kim14:01:10

Hi everyone. I’m Jungwoo. I’m two months old clojure developer in Korea.

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Kent Bull18:01:15

How do you manage to use a keyboard at such a young age?

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@U02SKL96W1J it's probably clear, but just in case, Kent is kidding around because "two months old" usually means "two months since you were born". Idiomatically you would probably say "I've been a Clojure programmer for two months". 🙂

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Jungwoo Kim01:01:54

Haha thanks for the big welcome. I understood. no worries 🙂

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Kent Bull18:01:57

Hi everyone! I’ve been fantasizing about Clojure for about five years now, likely longer, due to Paul Graham’s treatment of LISP languages. I’m now integrating it into the blockchain & modern currency spaces. Let’s have some fun!

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Welcome! Paul Graham's essays are definitely one of the common routes to Clojure (& was mine).