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Evan Haveman02:05:12

hey everyone - been a computer programmer now for a long time (pre-web even!). mostly work in javascript these days building front ends for ETL/ELT type tools. have a lot of java and ruby/rails experience as well. lately am delving into elixir and clojurescript tp stretch my brain a little. recently pushed my 1st cljs project up to github: - am excited to dig deeper into the language and ecosystem.

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Cheers from another pre-webber! 😀

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Hi! Like @pez and @eggsyntax I am also one of the admins here. I’ve been doing Clojure for just over a decade, in production, for online dating and I do a lot of open source stuff too (when my cats permit me the time). Prior to Clojure: Scala, Groovy, Java (and ColdFusion on the JVM too), C++, C, COBOL, assembler (yeah, I’m that old). Aside from cats, my other big passion is music (The Fall is my favorite band).


Oh wow, I hadn’t heard about that before. That’s something I’d love to see. The Fall have a huge body of work — over 90 albums, including 31 studio albums (I have all of them, several compilations and live albums too — and I’ve seen them live countless times). I’m just listening to The Unutterable right now (from just over two decades ago, hard to believe).

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I first heard them on the John Peel radio show back in the late ’70s and was instantly hooked…


I’m also assembler-old. I did it semi-professionally one summer working at Ericsson. The manager thought keyboard and screen was cheating so we didn’t have such fancy stuff attached to the PDP-11 we used to test some circuit boards. I wrote my programs in assembly, then used the assembly book translating to binary, and then entered the programs using 18 switches, 0-15, LOAD, and RUN, iirc. (The manager just entered his programs w/o writing anything down.) At home I used assembly to squeeze what I could out of the 1MHz of my VIC20 CPU.