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I'm trying to parse Google's protobuf with Instaparse, but I can't find a recent file with it's EBNF spec.

bbss04:08:25 I've copied all the bits from this site, but some lines are giving errors when I try to parse them.


Is instaparse compatible with what they put in there? For example I see they use = where other files often seem to have :: ==.


Ah, I just noticed the escape sequence part of the readme, let me look into that.


@frank did you perhaps end up succeeding parsing that spec? Can't find any more discussion in further dates on the clojureverse..


Okay, great I got it to work with the comments there. For any future visitors:


sorry just seeing this now - I had to make changes to it


one thing that might need to be done is removing comments before feeding it into the parser (or adjusting the grammar to know about them)