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@tcrawley - Do you have any opinions on clj-commons maintaining Immutant?


@thomas559 I would be fine with that if someone wanted to take that on. @ikitommi has done a ton of perf work on a fork of immutant-web that makes it even faster.


Personally, I think immutant-web and immutant-scheduling are the most interesting bits, and the rest could be dropped. It would be nice to move some of the java back in to clojure - we built wunderboss ( in java just so it could be shared with, but TorqueBox is dead as well, so I don't see the need to keep that as a separate thing.


I'd also drop support for running in WildFly and JBossAS. That would simplify the implementation greatly.


Anyway, just spitballin' about what seems useful to me.