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@tcrawley: this is the exception I get when the connection drops -- UT002044: Compressed message payload is corrupted And this is how I'm using the extension

              (.getAttachment handler UndertowWebsocket/HANDSHAKE_ATTACHMENT_KEY)
                false Deflater/BEST_COMPRESSION false false))


no connection drops happen when I dont use the extension


@tcrawley: the above could possibly be a misconfiguration on my part because when I switch to the following setting I dont see any connection drops or exceptions

                false Deflater/BEST_COMPRESSION false true)


unless you think this is a bug, I am going to go with the latter setting. i am thinking its the right config based on how our browser client JS works. So if you dont think this is a bug with the extension, kindly make a 2.1.4 available as soon as is convenient for you. Thanks! @tcrawley