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i wanted to keep it simple, but i'm open to any suggestions on making it more helpful before i mark that issue closed


@jcrossley3: yes, I've noticed your update to the repro repo and tested the incremental. Seems to work with keystores generated by the keytool and the new :http2? option. The SSL issue seems entirely orthogonal to that then.


I'd probably explain that the jar needs to be prepended and that's what p: does, it might not be readily obvious to non-Java people like me.


good idea, yeah


Mentioning the sample project has a lein plugin to that effect might also make sense.


I suppose some explanation for SSL and HTTP2 with Wildfly would also be helpful, but that probably can be added later. If I figure it out I can get back to you with instructions that can be added to Wildfly docs, but that'll be a while probably before I do.


yeah, i kinda want to delegate immutant users to wildfly docs if they need to go that route


hard to keep those docs in sync as both projects evolve


Hmm, that's true on one hand, but on other hand administrating something like Wildfly is non-trivial and some sort of introduction to listener configuration could be helpful.


But I understand the motivation of not wanting to have to track that.