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Dustin Getz13:04:47

We just pushed to the tutorial app, it caused 2 mins of server outage, and clients should have gracefully recovered. Let me know if you had a tab open and had a problem

Daniel Jomphe14:04:16

Always pleasantly surprised how quickly these webpages load. One would think Electric Clojure adds weight to the initial load time of any app to which it's integrated, but, it seems, no.

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So, is this the only way to use react components with Electric Clojure?

Dustin Getz23:04:08

this is a quick sketch that proves high fidelity react interop is possible. how would you like to use them?


I was wondering how to use UI Components like headless ui and I saw this as an alternative. Is there any other faster/easy way?

Dustin Getz23:04:05

you saw what as an alternative to what?


and the other most complex like

Dustin Getz23:04:25

your q is how to use a react component library with electric?


yes, sorry about my question, not an alternative but this example as a way to use react components.

Dustin Getz00:04:32

i will add it to our backlog to look at integrating one of these


thank you

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Is there any guidance or limitations on deploying to digital ocean vps vs ?

Dustin Getz23:04:06

no limitations, the dockerfile should work wherever

Dave Mays14:04:35

I'm sure this is already been discussed, but is there a tutorial for publishing Electric programs in general? I was expecting to see a compiled output folder with a JS and a Java file somewhere that you would publish, but haven't found which that might be while poking around some of the starter examples.

Dustin Getz14:04:16

Does this answer your question?

Dave Mays15:04:39

Amazing thanks!


Docker file worked for too, only thing that needed changing was adding a /healthz endpoint to the router that returns a 200.

Dave Mays13:04:59

Has this been reworked? The links above go to a 404 on Github now. Wondering if moved / updated. Oh looks like this might be it? (But this still refers to "Photon" not electric, so sounds outdated?: Ah this should be it!

Dustin Getz13:04:51

Those instructions in in starter app were moved to the top level readme


been away a minute, did y'all post an uberjar tutorial ?


so effin cool


i see the code added, pardon the newbiness, is lein uberjar enough?

Dustin Getz01:04:21

i haven’t used lein in years, i personally recommend forking this working repo and the scripts should just work


or maybe dockerfile is the way?