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Photon Datomic Viewer: New Features & Better Structure

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Dustin Getz12:05:23

@U3ZG4CAF8, @U2DART3HA is going to send you a PR with some very minor changes. It may take him a few days. (your app is great, i don't recall seeing any problems other than what you asked about already) Geoffrey the known issues are: • how to do local pagination • can queries be pushed lower in the tree • move to Async Datomic Client API (core.async interop) • fix dom ordering in for loops • for loop should start on server and send collection diffs on the wire

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Alright :thumbsup:

Daniel Jomphe11:05:17

We'll need to have someone design a quality logo & emoji to react to this great stuff in e.g. Slack. 😄 Looks like we're soon going to view an endless wave of tooling announcements.

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