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Dustin Getz13:05:26

Things that can be built in Photon today: • Clojure docstring search UI and live namespace explorer • clojure spec registry browser with playground • OS process viewer and killer • /etc/hosts editor • folder explorer (including google drive search UI that is faster than google drive) • git history viewer • datomic/datascript etc history viewer and transaction browser • reactive REPL All this as easy as writing PHP If you would like to spend a weekend trying to build one of these, reply here and skip the waitlist to be onboarded this week


the datomic history/structure/transaction browser sounds nice, would’ve tried that anyway though


Does Photon currently require you to use ClojureScript as the client? For example, could you use cljfx or HumbleUI for a desktop client to make a OS process viewer and killer of a running server?

Dustin Getz01:05:21

no technical barriers, photon lang tests pass in single process configurations (i.e. jvm only or cljs only). as far as UI platform drivers we only have DOM today but likely can be ported to any platform, photon-dom is 200 LOC

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Awesome. This is really exciting!

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I’ll be working on the datomic viewer here:

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