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Hi! My name is Henrik. I'm with the same company as Peter, so my motivations are largely the same as Peter. Having spent a lot of time and energy on the API layer recently, I'm super stoked about the idea of Photon. In contrast to Peter, I do have a fair amount of frontend experience. :) My background is that I worked as a UX/service designer for about ten years. My initial interest in Clojure stemmed from watching Simple Made Easy and going, "well, this elegantly expresses a lot of the problems I encounter in design, but in another domain". I started learning Clojure as a way to educate myself to be a better designer, and soon started making prototypes in ClojureScript and Reagent, rather than the WYSIWYG tools available at the time. Skip ahead to the current day via a slippery slope of increasing interest and responsibilities within development, and I'm in charge of the architectural design at Fluent. I've kept my eyes on Photon since you initially started talking about it on Twitter. Via Peter, I've also been introduced to Missionary, and have started using it quite a bit. I'd love to join the call.

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Dustin Getz12:05:30

Sounds great! Thank you!

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