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I've started using RCF and I really like it, but I feel like I'm making a mess of my codebase just scattering tests all over the place. Anyone using a test organizing strategy they could share?

Geoffrey Gaillard21:12:38

You could organize them like clojure.test tests. my_ns for your implementation, my_ns_test for tests.

Dustin Getz23:12:26

core usage examples under the function; edge cases, regression tests and tests that need scaffolding can go in a test namespace (and fallback to clojure.test if needed); you can put _test files next to the primary ns where it is easily discovered bc there are no file watchers (though we haven't tried this pattern yet, let me know if there are problems)

Dustin Getz23:12:42

can you say more about the mess you are seeing?