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Dustin Getz16:12:21

@didiercrunch Didier, I never sat down with you to draw out your app – is this basically what you are building?

Dustin Getz16:12:52

Basically a bracket, with admin interfaces to add teams and mark who won?


Even simpler than that. I'll try to sketch out what I have in mind tonight


@dustingetz feature request: is it possible to add httpS to HF (.net and/or .com), I’m playing with speech recognition - - and it looks like I can’t grant access to a mic w/o secure connection

Dustin Getz21:12:25

We investigated https; we would like to wait on this because all our infrastructure is slowly migrating to AWS and we don't want to do it twice

Dustin Getz22:12:13

@alexandrkozyrev Yes, will look into it and just do it if it is easy