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@dustingetz feature request: “volume-knob” control for insta-editor’s and auto-transact’s edit-eval delay -

Dustin Getz14:11:22

insta editor improvements coming asap , it annoys us too. tell me more about your ideas for auto transact?


if you play with “pure html” on-mouse-move - - you will notice that you probably don’t recognize all points, it just too fast


mouse is a “motory” function and I want it to stay unconscious, so 200ms inertia, or stroboscope effect is good enough


in other words, browser can capture every point of mouse pointer but I can’t really process more that one point every 200ms

Dustin Getz23:11:39

For this specific example - Datomic won't ever be able to keep up with transactions that fast, you would need to integrate a different database for realtime data


here are two examples: auto-transact is off and is on


that’s the point, for my workflow - 2sec inertia is a good pace

Dustin Getz23:11:32

Can you store the temporary values in an atom and only transact/stage when you intend to store it in datomic?


I’d like to be able to tell HF - transact these values every 2sec (or 1 sec)

Dustin Getz23:11:07

Are you trying to query all that data? even at one per second, its still going to blow out the datomic indexes


yes, the history, the track wont be as accurate in Datomic as in Ratom, these will be less points


“all data” or what and how much will be important later to read from database is way to context dependent


at the moment I think that 20sec of 1sec points (i.e. 20 points) is a good enough aproximation

Dustin Getz23:11:29

WHat if you use :db/add instead of :db.fn/cas, so it will only save the latest one until you transact (this would work with the staging area)


probably 2mins at 0.5 sec step (120 points) is my own limit


yes, :db/add - my “volume knob” intent is to be able to play a bit with transact delay, I guess 0ms delay is just a DDoS attack on Datomic, and lower pace will be sufficient

Dustin Getz23:11:50

The staging area can handle getting slammed, it just can't go through the transactor

Dustin Getz23:11:12

Well, the staging area can handle a casual typing pace

Dustin Getz23:11:05

Tell me if you think this will work:

Dustin Getz23:11:31

for the insta editors, instead of a volume knob, we're going to have alt-enter be like "save and run"

Dustin Getz23:11:51

it will also save after 10 seconds of no typing, or something like that

Dustin Getz14:11:22

insta editor improvements coming asap , it annoys us too. tell me more about your ideas for auto transact?