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Dustin Getz19:11:28

@alexandrkozyrev Can we talk here so the log bot captures it, and so Karl can see?

Dustin Getz19:11:44

@alexandrkozyrev There is a much better way that uses the link abstraction, but there is feature churn there right now so i would rather you do it this quick-and-dirty way for now


Karl hi, I expected: 1,2,3…. (auto-transact is turned-on) -

Dustin Getz19:11:46

Can I change this fiddle and transact it?

Dustin Getz19:11:01

Eh, I'll just make a new one


what libs (except kvlt, promesa, cuerdas) are available?

Dustin Getz20:11:00

We are 6 months away from having a way to define your own deps.edn