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@dustingetz @khardenstine Is slack the best place for feedback or do you prefer a github issue?

Dustin Getz21:10:07

@alex-eberts Slack works (here in the channel where logbot sees it), or if you'd like markdown, you can make a fiddle in the tank


first off, I think what you've created in hyperfiddle is super cool so please take the following comments in that light. 🙂


I've been working through the tutorial and while it's a good intro to how to do the basics, I feel like I'm missing a high-level understanding of what the different component pieces are and how they relate to datomic.


There's a ton of new concepts (which is great because it shows how innovative Hyperfiddle is) but at least for me personally, I feel like I need a few more anchors to other well-known concepts to be able to grasp the abstractions that form the foundation of hyperfiddle.


This is probably made worse by the fact that I'm a beginner datomic user so if HF is targeted to more experienced Datomic folks then disregard the above 🙂


Minor quibbles: Tank and Tutorial are diverging. The tutorial shows you interacting with dustingetz.seattle/neighborhood but that name doesn't appear in tank (as far as I can tell). I may be looking in the wrong spot.


Minor quibble #2: after creating a new HF in tank it seems to have disappeared (HF name :alexeberts/todo). Not sure if that was standard garbage collection or because I started the tutorial on Tues and then picked it up again on Wed. Either way, it lead to errors that were difficult to figure out.

Dustin Getz21:10:44

Thanks Alex for the excellent feedback

Dustin Getz21:10:59

Re #2, do you recall ever explicitly clicking transact?


No, I didn't transact it to tank... I saw a note about needing to have permission to transact to tank and since I saw my HF in the tank list I figured that it was staged and I could continue using it like a git working dir...

Dustin Getz21:10:44

What browser? It was stored in localStorage and localStorage somehow got cleared


Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Mac

Dustin Getz21:10:49

Are you using incognito tabs or ad blockers or anything like that? Or maybe you were logged out and now you're logged in, or something?


it's possible - I wasn't using an incognito tab but I do have AdBlock installed. I will keep my eyes open to see if it happens again and, if so, what caused it.


re: high-level overview - I'm taking some notes as a work through the tutorial. I will send them to you once I'm done to see if that might be a good starting point for a "concepts overview"-type document.

Dustin Getz21:10:37

That would be amazingly helpful

Dustin Getz21:10:55

I am happy to video chat with you as well if you feel up for it


Really like what you've done with HF BTW - it makes so much sense to be able to incrementally see the results of queries and derive views from it.

Daniel Jomphe10:10:21

I hope someone shows us what you mean by this 🙂


Hi @U0514DPR7 - I was referring to the way HF can model forms and create UIs like in section 2) and section 4) on the Hyperfiddle homepage:


Makes me think "why haven't we been doing this all along?"


Very happy to do a vid conf at some point. If you want the perspective of a totally new user then I'm free sometime tomorrow. If you want to chat once I have a better handle on things then next week would be great.

Dustin Getz21:10:56

Lets do tomorrow, what time?


I'm in Vancouver. Anytime after 10am PST works for me.

Dustin Getz21:10:22

10am PST would be perfect


Great - could you send me an email with a link to the vid conf service you want to use? alex (dot) eberts (at)

Dustin Getz21:10:53

Will do right now looking forward to talking!


sound great - me too!