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@dustingetz I believe I broke something 😛

Dustin Getz14:09:13

Screenshot pls

Dustin Getz14:09:00

You can clear the staging area from that codemirror and it will repair, nobody can see your changes but you

Dustin Getz14:09:25

Or jsut remove line 8


I believe I broke docs for everyone

Dustin Getz14:09:28

Its a bug though, the [:db.fn/retractEntity] on a tempid is never legal and we shouldnt generate it

Dustin Getz14:09:47

Also you shouldn't be able to edit stuff in docs 🙂

Dustin Getz14:09:00

(You can't transact, but its confusing that you can even stage changes)

Dustin Getz14:09:43

You can also copy paste that transaction into the tank's staging area

Dustin Getz14:09:02

BUT, I am about to disable schema changes in the tank while we figure out what to allow

Dustin Getz14:09:20

I will add more schemas today for playing with

Dustin Getz14:09:39

@didiercrunch "The hello world video does not math what I have." What video are you looking at?


sorry, I am preparing the super (my girlfriend is a hardcore cook that start super before breakfast)


I do not find the page anymore. The fiddle was creating a single field called email with a button. When the user was filling the email and clicking the button; it was adding the email to the db. The page containing the video contained the bellow explanation (that I saved with the name "crazy-brilliant.png")

Dustin Getz14:09:49

Ah, thanks. Yeah, I'm re-filming that tutorial soon. I took it down because it involves schema changes which I don't want people doing in the tank quite yet

Dustin Getz14:09:03

Your feedback is very helpful and very good, much appreciated


I already start to feel confortable with hyperfiddle. The only thing I am struggling is creating a form that adds something to the db


I'll deepdive into that tonight


(I need to leave now)

Dustin Getz14:09:37

Talk to you later!


again, exceptional work there. I am jealous of your project