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@dustingetz I read some documentation at and some cookbook example too. Personally, I need to get my hands dirty to understand what the tool is good for. I believe you document very well how things work but leave a little bit out what it can do in concrete examples. The cookbook is there but there is a lack of trivial applications like a todo list (simplest application) and a simple survey form (simplest application with a special user).


I cannot give you more tips than what I believe hyperfiddle will be good for me. Personally, hyperfiddle will help me solve the case of my manager coming at my desk with an over engineered excel spreadsheet and asking me to find a better solution. Currently, there is next to nothing. I could write a web app which takes a minimum of a month (counting everything) or leave him in the limbo (which usually happen). This is my use case. But now that I think of it, if I were you, I would look for excel templates and make hyperfiddle example out of them. You could even publish the original excel sheets. That would be awesome.


Look at this [softball]( excel sheet. It is mad but I cannot do something in a reasonable amount of time that is much better than that.